Our Man Ban

Ban Ki-moon

What would you do if you were the head of a multilateral organisation, charged with “maintaining international peace and security, developing  friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights” and you happened to find yourself with some free time on June 7th, 2013?

You’d come and speak at the Graduate Commencement ceremony for the University of Denver, of course! Which is precisely what UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will be doing. Today Korbel was a-buzz with news that the Grand Overlord of all Korbel students’ employment hopes and dreams will be coming to wish us well as we head out into the world, post-graduation. Sorry to all of those students from other departments who thought that they might get a Nobel laureate, or a business magnate, a great legal mind, or an athletics champion…nope, this one’s for Korbel. Another Dean Hill draw, I would imagine.

Exactly what the Korbel School’s Dean, former Ambassador to Iraq and lead negotiator for the US on North Korea-related matters, Christopher Hill, did to pull in Our Man Ban is yet to be determined. A solution to the latest North Korean crisis?  A promise to re-unify the Republic of Korea and North Korea within a year? A commitment to be a direct conduit to the President for Ban if/when Hill goes back to Washington to serve in the State Department again? We’ll never know. What I do know is that I now feel a whole lot better about the fact that I have people flying thousands of miles to attend this graduation thing, and that I will be paying $48 to wear a very unflattering gown and square hat that I will then have to return before I even get a chance to go dancing in it. Even my most internationally-clueless relatives know who Ban is (or at least they pretended to, when I mentioned it…).

Also, I’ve heard, but can’t confirm the veracity of the claim, that a particularly proactive Korbel student is currently printing out reams of mock UN job contracts with each of the graduating Korbel students’ names on them, to place in front of the Sec-Gen after he’s had a few glasses of wine and feels he’s gotten to know us all a bit better…so I’ve heard…

(Joke, of course…)

Sincerely though, what a suitably legendary end to two years of studying global challenges it will be, to have the closest thing we have to a true world leader speaking at our graduation ceremony. I can’t help but feel that rather than some stroke of administrative luck, or a devious deal struck by Dean Hill on our behalves, this may just signify a positive omen for the Josef Korbel School of International Studies’ class of 2013 😉

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  1. Dean Hill making up for no Penrose. 🙂

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