Hey, Internet!

In 10 hits, this blog will have had 5,000 views. On the occasion of this dubious milestone (dubious given how it came about – see below), I present a selection of the best search terms that have led to my blog in four categories: Most Relevant, Most Irrelevant But Awesome, Possibly Relevant and Also Awesome, and Somewhat Interesting But Also Slightly Creepy.

Most Relevant: economics, global finance trade and economic integration, gftei, gftei or elliott school, josef korbel, korbel gftei, terry dalton korbel, rachel epstein korbel, mark evers korbel, josef korbel admission statistics, korbel course evaluations, caribbean regional integration, eclac internship trinidad, what is the impact of globalised monetary relations, how many people apply for the UN YPP young professionals program, caribbean economic development.

Most Irrelevant but Awesome: Dr Evil Hideout, busty nicole, Christine Lagarde’s legs, anna nicole smith’s legs, Que celebran en hump day, changed my gender, unfaithful wife chin, leather back turtle weight, I want you gringo, hand gesture for ‘shut your trap’.

Possibly Relevant and Also Awesome: Christopher hell usa embassodor, chinese scholars with giant heads, what money is in china, dr evil dalton.

Somewhat Interesting But Also Slightly Creepy: allyson lowe Denver, alison lowe denver, alison lowe korbel blog, alison lowe nottingham, alison lowe korbel, alison lowe the bahamas.

These searches have come from 105 different countries since February 25th 2012 (the earliest day for which WordPress has search data for the blog). Hey, Internet.

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