Did I just get published by the United Nations?

Well, kinda! Regular readers of this blog (yeah, I just said it, regular readers of this blog, like I have those…) may recall that during my internship with the UN last Summer they had me doing, well, anything and everything. One of these anythings and everythings included writing a couple of articles for the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean’s newsletter, FOCUS. It was a special edition about a major conference held in Guyana on Caribbean development. I’d forgotten all about it, and then I just found the article in here, on page 9. Re-reading it now, I think my last sentence (in the excellent words of my International Business Transactions professor, Josiah Hatch) “deserves to be taken out and shot”. Other than that, seeing it in print has made me feel quite warm and fuzzy inside.

On a related note…if you have an interest in the UN ECLAC internship, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section for further insider details and tips on applying. It’s a great experience for anyone interested in economic development, especially in the Latin American and Caribbean region, or in finding out about what it’s like to work in the UN system more generally.

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