My word cloud life

3 GFTEI essays, Wordle style.

International Monetary Relations (final paper): On regulation of the financial industry and changes in the international finance architecture post 2008 financial crisis. Happening already? Likely? Unlikely? Possible? (NB: You might have seen this week that JP Morgan and Credit Suisse were fined a combined total of $416m for misleading investors over the risky mortgage bonds that are regarded as the “ground zero” of the financial crisis. Sounds like a decent chunk of change…until we recall how JP Morgan lost $5.8bn in what was essentially a bad bet this year and barely batted an eyelid, calling it a “modest loss” and a “side show” in an “otherwise stellar quarter”…)

International Monetary Relations (midterm): I defended a fiscal stiumulus as a means to address low levels of business and consumer confidence in the US, and it came out looking like this….

International Business Transactions: A business plan for a company exporting and investing abroad. Apparently I used the word “may” a lot.

International Project Analysis: Program Proposal for a Program to Decrease Malnutrition and Increase Community Health in Peripheral Neighbourhoods of Lima, Peru. My group and I advocated an urban gardening project to provide slum dwellers with increased access to fresh and cheaper food that would enhance their diets and improve health.

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