Hurriween / Hallocane

It’s been a while, but I’m back. In case you were wondering what’s been going on over here since my last post, several highlights are as follows:

  • Questioning the head of the US military’s “Africa Command” about Libya and African security threats during a recent visit to Korbel. Specifically, given that he identified the instability that has resulted in the post-Gaddafi Libya as one of the African security situations about which he is “most pessimistic”….does this not give credence to those who opposed the invasion of Libya? General Ham said he thinks often about whether he would change the US course of action, but ultimately feels it was justified. “At least, in the beginning”. Hmm…
  • Continued bombardment in the run up to the US Presidential Election on November 6th. As a “swing state” which went for Obama in 2008 after decades of voting for Republicans, Colorado is one of those high value targets (to continue using military buzzwords) that the campaigns have felt it economical to douse in a million campaign ads daily. Meanwhile non-swing states enjoy TV just like back in those simpler times we in the swing-states took for granted, when info-mercials about how to get a “brazilian butt” and how to chop things really fast ruled the ad breaks.

When I switch on the TV…campaign ads….Pandora…campaign ads…. Facebook…campaign ads…Let’s just say this little girl sums up the mood nicely:

  • Hurricane Sandy hit The Bahamas…forcing my friends and relatives to take shelter for days on end, as it moved slowly over the archipelago. Living up to its name, the hurricane somehow managed to deposits tons and tons of sand across the island, in addition to the dramatic flooding. Its’ impact on the US East Coast has an apocalyptic feel to it… and I hope for everyone’s benefit that it creates some real discussion about the reality of climate change. New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s endorsement of Obama for Presidency today in light of his belief that it is Obama, rather than a Republic administration, who is most likely to address the issue of climate change, is a good starting point. This is one campaign boost I hope Obama remembers to pay back with some favours if he gets back in office, for all of our sakes.
  • Last but not least, Halloween struck, and in true Korbel style, the occasion could not pass without some elaborate costumery, notwithstanding the week 8 academic pressures that are bearing down.

Here’s a selection of hurriween / hallocane photos. I wanted to separate these because they are not exactly in the same spirit, but WordPress said No.

So here they are, jumbled up….(One day technology…One day!!! *shakes fist at the sky*)

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