Here, there, and everywhere….

Facebook stati are an easy place to get hyperbolic, but lately there’s been many examples of some pretty genuine reasons to be overly-excited amongst my Korbel peers…

It’s that time of the year when hours spent piecing together applications, recommendations, transcripts and statements begin to pay dividends as we hear from that Goat Conflict Research Facility in Southern Nepal that yes, they will accept us to go and live in their hut for three months and study the conflict between the lesser-known Capra Aegagrus Hircus and the surrounding villagers. That’s right….it’s internship selection time.

Internship selection time is somewhat like Christmas for students like us, except actually with a much greater likelihood that you might get something you want, or at least expect, but without the embarassing requirement to try it on in front of your whole family and feign excitement (If you’re reading this, Aunt Gail, I really did like that dress… it’s just a badly constructed analogy…).

If I remember correctly, some of the recent “!!!!!!!!” moments in Facebook, relating to internship news, have included: Fiji, Uganda, Ecuador, Nicaragua, South Africa, Japan, Kashmir, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Bosnia, Namibia and the most exotic of all……DC. This makes the wait all the more nervewracking for those who have yet to hear back… but based on the showing so far I would say we all stand a pretty good chance of getting in somewhere at least somewhat relevant, and if not, you can only hope something will come up in some far off land that will be enough of an experience in itself!

In other news: On Friday, the Russian Ambassador to the UN (Vitaly Churkin) will be at Korbel to give a talk. Still not quite sure how these people end up here, but not complaining whatsoever! Churkin is obviously taking a break from vetoing security council resolutions against Syrian abuses. Meanwhile, on Monday, Fidel Castro’s daughter, Alina Fernandez(an outspoken critic of the communist regime and Miami tv show host) will be on campus addressing whomever may be interested as part of International Celebration Week. Again, not sure who orchestrated that, but I’ll definitely be showing my face to see what la Cubana has to say.

"Dad, I'm gonna tell Denver on you...", courtesy of

And back in the Bahamas, there is but just over a week before my fellow Bahamians go back to the polls for the first time in five years to see if they want to re-elect incumbent Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham for a fourth non-consecutive term, despite a down economy, choose lacklustre and late Opposition leader Perry Christie for a second non-consecutive term, or go with the wildcard third party which has gained some traction in the race by capturing the imagination of many who are disillusioned with the status quo. I unfortunately will be disenfranchised this time around, as although the current government did take the laudable step of introducing some type of overseas voting, this will only be taking place in DC, Atlanta and Miami, and I cannot afford either the time or the money to visit any of those places to cast my vote on May 7th 😦

More on the election after I catch up on some sleep. Hasta luego

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  1. You my friend have been bamboozled!

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