Bike Racks are a Threat to Kosovo Security

That’s right guys, in our quickly evolving world of international affairs, a new threat has emerged, and it is something you would’ve never guessed, never imagined in your wildest dreams could become a new focus for international security nightmares…’s the Korbel school bike racks. 

Not even kidding! The Prime Minister of Kosovo and his Foreign Minister are visiting the school tomorrow and what is being moved in anticipation of his arrival? None other than our those inert metal frames all of us cyclists have become so comfortable with in the last few months…that we trusted….with our lives….bikes.  Anyhoo, that’s just a little side note. I fully understand that heavy duty security measures may have to be taken in the event of the visit of a sitting PM and his Foreign Minister to Korbel, and of course, am totally appreciative of whatever efforts have been taken to secure his visit (I am very happy to be going tomorrow). The bike rack thing just amused/confused me. 

Other than that, this is just a brief update. To those of you who attended Discover Korbel…hey! It was fun meeting all of you, and I hope that if we spoke, whatever words speweth from my mouth in that funny Australian British/Bahamian accent of mine went some way towards assuaging a concern you may have had about whether you should accept your place at Korbel. If you have any other questions, drop me a comment under here and I will try to answer. I noticed that this blog has been receiving a steadily diminishing trickle of visits lately, so either that means my last post was particularly dull, I have left it too long between updates, or a lot of you who may have been trying to make up your mind about whether to come to Korbel have now done that… hopefully the latter! Oh and by the way, in case you didn’t get the message at Discover Korbel, you should have said “yes” to that offer 🙂

Apart from Discover Korbel, classes have been keeping me busy. Capital Markets in Africa is definitely the fave so far… learning about microfinance, mobile banking, housing finance and private equity in the world’s poorest region (Sub Saharan Africa) is a real eye opener. Amazing to think that in some parts of SSA barely 8% of people even have a bank account. Exactly how this might factor into development is something that really interests me. I am trying to also extend the insights from the class to the Caribbean region, and to what extent challenges that exist with capital markets in Africa might also be problematic in the Caribbean.. It’s a pretty different scene but there are certainly some parallels and one of the areas I am very keen to follow up on in terms of further reading is in relation to mobile banking (using mobile phones as a means of receiving, sending and saving money), since this growing means of providing financial services to underserved/low-income communities has yet to really take off in the Caribbean. I think could offer great benefits, particularly for the poorest countries such as Haiti, and I’m curious to look further into what has stopped it spreading so far.

Econometrics looks like it is panning out to be my toughest class so far. Primarily because it just seems like another language at this point in time. I’m hoping that my breakthrough moment will come sooner rather than later. I think it’s mainly a mental block that I still have the remnants of when it comes to things like summation notation that I am finding challenging… it’s really not saying anything all that complicated sometimes, but looking at greek symbols and numbers all jumbled up together just strikes fear into my heart at first look. However, I happen to know that our econometrics professor loves to get into all the theoretical underpinnings of what we are going to be doing in Stata (the software many econometricians use to run regression models and predict the outcomes of economic policies..), while at the end of the day the hands-on skills in using the software are what I am going to really rely upon when I leave Korbel, so I’m holding out to throw myself into learning as much about that as I can rather than expecting to come out of this knowing how to run a regression by hand…. ha.

Alright, back to Capital Markets readings. More excitement coming soon….(turns out that “brief update” was not so brief…brevity in writing is not my strong point…apparently despite spending 5 years doing that as a job…!)

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