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A giant pool of money is not something I have right now. I’m doing okay, but if I were China, I’d be feeling a whole lot better. 

One of the websites I like to visit to get news on trade, global finance and international political economy stuff that we study in the GFTEI program is NPR’s Planet Money site. They do refreshingly lighthearted and entertaining podcasts on these kind of topics.

A recent series that I liked is their short series on China, it’s “giant pool of money”, the sustainability of its economic model, where it all began, and how that affects the US and the rest of the world. Like China expert Thomas Christenson said at the talk he gave earlier this year at Korbel earlier this year, we all need to understand China better because our future is so intricately tied to its future.

So here are the links for your listening pleasure. Oh and you should “like” them on Facebook, then you’ll get updated when they put up a new podcast 🙂

“China’s Giant Pool of Money”

“Is China’s Economy: Genius or Bound for Disaster?”

“The Secret Document that Transformed China”

Overheating Panda?

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