Korbel Kamera

Something I really like about Korbel is the effort they make to connect with prospective students on a level other universities really don’t. Call me a child of the cyber age, interested in nothing but frivolities and fluff (really? That’s harsh…), but I like the fact that you don’t just have some dry old webpage with a few bullet points, a contact address and an application deadline.

Case in point: This blog and all the other great blogs that my fellow students in other programs have been recruited to write. I know that when I was applying to Korbel, I checked out all the blogs that existed and found they offered something beyond the generic descriptions of coursework and courseloads that other schools offering similar (but not the same, ofcourse…) programs provided, in terms of a chance to get a better idea of what it’s really like to be a student at their school.

If you haven’t already taken a look at some of the other blogs on here, I’d recommend it (see tab at the top of this page!). Even if they are not written by students who are taking the programs you are interested in, you can still get a nice little insight into student life at Korbel and in Denver generally. If you’ve already submitted your application to Korbel, you’re probably aware of the great blog written by Brad Miller (Director of Admissions, and super cool dude) and Nicole Vilegi (assistant director of admissions, and, you guessed it…super cool gal) at korbeladmissions.wordpress.com. Their posts can be as unexpectedly funny/random as they are useful for getting all the pertinent information you need about applying to Korbel, which fits well with what I would say is the generally slightly unorthodox leanings of the school, academic content-wise and program structure-wise (you might have heard people mention the flexibility of the programs vs other APSIA programs as a major bonus – and I’d definitely agree).

Another thing you might want to consider doing, is to join the Josef Korbel School of International Studies Facebook page, and the Korbel channel on youtube. There you’ll find some other Korbel school media gems – like the “Ask Korbel” series put together by our very own Sarah Crozier, who works for the Admissions office whilst studying for her MA here. Yet another example of how the admissions office uses the talents of our student body in an awesome way that benefits you, us, and them. That’s pretty cool, no? And I don’t even get paid to say that…(except in muffins, that I am yet to see, if I’m honest with you. Minus one point for Korbel).

Here’s the latest in the “Ask Korbel” series… about how students are surviving the crazed haze of finals week, and featuring yours truly. Click on the videos in the side bar and you’ll see some of the Student Perspective Videos where some of my awesome Korbel peeps talk about why they chose Korbel and answer other critical questions. NICE.

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