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Taking a break from working on a paper for my economic development class (investigating the relationship between growth and income inequality in The Bahamas), this awesome website was brought to my attention: Wordle.net.

Since I find myself lost in a verbal haze right now trying to finish this paper and am in need of some inspiration, it seemed appropriate that I should present to you: Three of my Korbel school essays….in the form of Word Clouds! Not only do they look very aesthetically appealing (who would’ve thought such sweat and toil went into creating these…), but they should also give any of you prospective students a minor insight into some of the types of things you might end up writing about should you come to Korbel. I really enjoyed both of these classes and learnt a lot. The sooner I can turn this 30 page economic development paper into a word cloud the better… :/

SO, I present to you…… International Political Economy essay # 1.

Wordle: Positivist epistemology

International Political Economy essay # 2….

Wordle: state tools to adjust to a downturn

And the most recent, my International Trade midterm:

Wordle: free trade developing countries

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