Taking the high road

The highest paved road in North America, in fact…

Mount Evans Road, which leads, not surprisingly...to Mount Evans.

Since this weekend was the last I might have time to indulge in such frivolities, I decided to take up a trip up one of Colorado’s famous “14-ers” – a 14,000 foot mountain called Evans. You can drive all the way to the top! It’s actually listed as the number one thing to do/see in Denver on Tripadvisor.com.

The drive up was beautiful, as the Aspens are a flaming shade of golden at the moment. If you glance across to the mountainsides adjacent to Mt Evans it looks as if someone has flung yellow paint all over them! In the wonderful, sunny, early October light, and against the endlessly blue backdrop of the Colorado sky, the view was dazzling.


Summit Lake, which is not quite at the summit of Mount Evans.

The drive up is a little bit hairy at times, as cars squeeze around hairpin bends on the side of the mountain, and the occasional warning sign foretells of “road damage” at 13,000 feet (there’s not a lot of room to manoeuvre up there as you can imagine), but it’s more than worth the effort.

Just try not to let the day be ruined when you feel lazy as hell upon seeing a series of 50+ year old men and women climbing the entire length of the mountain on their road bikes as you drive by. Hey, Colorado isn’t the fittest State in the union for nothin’.

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  1. Those are fantastic pictures. You must have had a very steady driver to navigate the winds, winding roads and worn pavement. A driver with nerves of steel, the vision of an eagle…legs are overrated.

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